About us

Adult Toys & LingerieHello and welcome to All About Adult Fun. We hope your experience with our new online store is a memorable one and look forward to providing great value for money, prompt service and the orgasmic fun our toys are designed to deliver. Our values are developed around removing the barriers that sometimes exist when it comes to using sex toys while demonstrating to our customer base that the benefits of an active, healthy and fun sex life can provide and increase senses of wellbeing that is so beneficial to our everyday existence.


Enjoying sex is a very normal and intimate part of human nature and most consenting adults are in fact “doing it”. But how many are really maximizing their ability to achieve a mind blowing, body shaking, head back and screaming orgasm?? The health benefits of great sex and a healthy sex life are very real and have been scientifically tested and proven to help people live better and more rewarding lives.


For Women this has proven to help regulate menstrual cycle, reduce menstrual cramps and increase estrogen levels and generally provide better feelings of wellbeing, while for Men it improves posture, reduces stress and anger, improves the circulation and best of all regular sex and ejaculation helps keep the prostate healthy.


So as you can see there and many reasons why we feel our products should have a place in your bedside table, so go on give it a whirl or a wiggle or a buzz but remember to practice safe sex and when experimenting with new toys, start our gently to ensure you are comfortable with its capabilities and remember “It’s all about adult fun”.